Helpful information about Duck confit and Duck fat.

Home Gourmet is a New Zealand Owned and operated company
which supplies amazing gourmet food products from all around the globe.
Succulent Duck Confit from France, genuine French Dijon mustards
or authentic Buffalo Wing sauce


How to use Home Gourmet Duck Confit?
Duck Confit can be used in many ways. The leg can be shredded and used as a general ingredient in pasta, salads, crepes, pies, risotto or it can be prepared as a whole leg either baking or pan frying. Baking the leg and serving as its own succulent aspect to a meal is the more common application.

Baking Duck Confit:
Preheat the oven to 180c. Open the can and remove the legs from the duck fat (retain the duck fat as it is used as a preserving agent it the can and is wonderful for roast potatoes at a later date).
Place legs in an oven proof dish skin side up and roast for 10 -12 minutes. You can then grill the skin side for a further 2 minutes to enhance the rich crispy skin.

Duck fat

The wonderfully versatile culinary tool that is Duck Fat. Make your meal
something special with duck fat fries or roast potatoes done in duck fat. Do your taste buds a favour and cook with genuine French duck fat. It can be used in many ways such as pastries, as a butter alternative or to add flavour to a casserole.